I am a PhD student in economics at the European Center for Research in Economics and Statistics, an institution within the Université Libre de Bruxelles. My work is at the intersection of household and labor economics, with a focus on the role that gender plays in household decisions and formation.


The effect of the relative wage on married women’s labor supply. [New version coming soon]

Health insurance and family outcomes: Evidence from the ACA Medicaid expansions. [with Tom Potoms]


Université Libre de Bruxelles, ECARES, Ph.D. in Economics, supervised by Bram De Rock (Ongoing)

Université Libre de Bruxelles, ECARES, M.Sc. in Economics (2014-2016).

Williams College, B.A. in Political Economy (2010-2014)


FRESH Fellowship, F.N.R.S. (2016-2020)

Prix Kirschen, Best Master’s Thesis in Applied Economics, Solvay Schools Alumni (2016)


2019: Stockholm University (SOFI), European Association of Labor Economists

2018: Society of Economics of the Household Conference, IZA World Labor Conference, ECARES Seminar, Stockholm University (Economics Department), Institute for Fiscal Studies



ECON S-1001: Introduction à la Microéconomie. Teaching assistant, Fall 2017.

MATH-S-201: Fonctions de plusieurs variables [Multi-variable calculus]. Teaching assistant, Fall 2019.


srosenbe [at]

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